Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Interview with A Day To Remember

In 2009 a friend and I went down to Allentown to interview A Day To Remember.
Why? I have no idea...

There is a sudden new interest among teens and young adults as of late, pop-punk mixed with breakdowns. Not necessarily my cup of tea, but when a friend of mine invited me to come along to Allentown to conduct an interview with probably the biggest band in the genre; A Day to Remember, I figured I would…pretty much just to go.

When we arrived the line for the show at the Croc Rock was around the building and down the street. The line mostly consisted of teenage girls and the occasional dude that looked like a girl or the “brutal mosh warriror” type kid. We waiting around for a while before getting instructions to go to their bus.
Though there are a few songs of theirs I rather enjoyed at the time, I really did know much of their background except where they were from. Neither my from nor I, prepared for this interview so it was a good chance to actually see what these guys were about and some background on them.

Hi, how you guys doing, hows tour?

Tour is great, a lot of fun.

What made you guys start a band?

Well, where we’re from, its either join a gang or start a band.. We started a band.

You’re from Ocala (FL) right?

Yeah, rough town.

What bands really influenced you?

Seventh dagger (they all replied, separately)

What about the pop punk aspects of your music?

Probably blink, and new found glory too. Since they’re from FL as well.

You guys have gotten a whole lot bigger since you last played here, headling sold out shows..
Aside from this tour what was your favorite tour to be on?

It would have to be the NFG , ISHHC tour. It was a great time playing and seeing them every night.

Being on tour for awhile now.. What was the craziest thing you have seen?

Well, at one of our shows a kid got stabbed. They just through him under the stage and that was it.


Yeah.. We didn’t know what to do.

Ok, So what we your first show?

(nearly everyone of them) New Found Glory, Seventh Dagger.. Or just a bunch of locals.

You guys are on the road a lot, what do you do to waste time?

Internet a lot, Play madden.. Anything we can find.


As we left their tour bus, the line that once wrapped the block of the venue.. Was now inside. There were a few groups of kids waiting around to find people with extra tickets or anything to help them get in.

As we ventured into the venue we learned that there was a guest list spot for 1..

We ate a tray of pizza and left.

Honestly, I don't know if they were being serious with these answers.. but they were acting like it. I'm trying to get another interview with them within the next 2 months..hopefully it will be just as awkward.

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