Thursday, October 21, 2010

straight edge

I have claimed straight edge for years now. No drinking, no drugs... nothing. Its a great way to live your life and i personally love it. I understand that its not for all people and respect other peoples decisions to either drink, smoke or whatever. Its not my problem. As long as you don't push those things on me, i wont push being drug free on you.
I don't really care if you smoke around me or drink around me. I go to bars occasionally to hang out with people and its no problem. Of course when someone is completely sloppy drunk, I get annoyed. But other then that I have no problems. Everyone makes their own life choices.

But to get to my point....

It is a pain in the ass to be straight edge, and have friends that are not or friends in general. It seems that me, being clean and sober, means to some people that i cant have "fun", nor do anything fun. I've been fucked over more times then I can count by people who will suddenly change plans that we have in order to smoke or get drunk. The worst is being told by a friend "yeah i don't feel like doing anything tonight," then you find out later on they went out to the bar.
Or even the ones who don't want to bring me around to a bar or an alcohol filled setting. Or the best is going out to eat or to a get together for a friends birthday or any reason, and finding out later on that those same people you were with when that said the night was over.. go out to a bar or somewhere else for that matter and i don't get the invite, just because i don't drink.

It sucks. Maybe its just the wilkes-barre/scranton area that is boring as fuck that the only thing to do is go to a bar.. i just don't know. I'm sure in a bigger area I'd be much better off with friends and the whole bullshit behind them.

It's a damn shame that because i choose not to partake in alcohol consumption that I am an outcast. We live in a society now where its normal to drink and do any sort of drug, yet against the norm to do neither.

Sure have a drink here and there when with friends, a glass of wine with dinner or just a beer while watching the game.. but don't become an alcoholic.

fuck it..

to end my straight edge rant here are some videos.

posi #'s

of course

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